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WR 360 - Fiction Workshop: Home

Resources to help give your characters backstory, add details to your setting that make your story credible, inspire you when you're just looking for ideas, and provide you with information about the craft of writing and the strategy of getting published.

Keyword & subject searching

To find books on topics that might help inform your characters, setting, or plot - either in the WOU library or our Summit partner libraries - try searching in Primo for some combination of the following keywords or relevant subject headings:

Keywords Subject Headings
heroin addict*
substance abuse
Heroin abuse
Heroin abuse -- Treatment
Substance abuse
Substance abuse -- Treatment
national parks
park rangers
forest rangers
National Parks and Reserves
United States -- National Park Service
police inspector
police detective
police united states
Criminal justice, Administration of -- Vocational guidance -- United States
Criminal investigation
Law enforcement
runaway teen

Runaway children -- Services for -- United States
Runaway teenagers -- United States

domestic abuse
domestic violence
Family violence -- United States
Abused children -- United States
Abused women -- United States
Family social work -- United States
teaching English abroad

English Language Study And Teaching Europe
English Teachers Employment Foreign Countries

Celtic pagan

Druids and druidism
Civilization, Celtic
Celtic antiquities

Finding Books, E-books, and Other Materials

WOU is a member of Summit, which gives you access to millions of items from other colleges and universities -- delivered right to WOU!

Start your search on the library homepage:

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You can also visit Summit libraries in person: Summit Libraries and locations

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