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Remote Desktop

Using Remote Desktop to access the Terminal Server

Need to access your H, P or K drive from off campus? Need to access specialized programs such as SPSS, Photoshop, or Dreamweaver? You can access these from almost any computer, on or off campus by using Remote Desktop. 

PC: From the start menu--search for Remote Desktop

Mac users may need to download and install some free software. Mac Remote Desktop Software is available at
Office: Mac:


Step 1: Select the Remote Desktop Icon                   

Step 2: In the Computer box enter: (this will connect you to the WOU server). Before you connect select Show Options

Step 3: Select Local Resources and the More button

Step 4: Select Drives (this will allow you to access your own computers drives while using the remote connection) and then select OK  

Step 5: Select Connect

Step 6: Enter your WOU user name and password. Log on to: MASH.  Select OK.

You are now connected to the terminal server.  You will see a bar at the top of the screen that says: You can minimize and exit the terminal server from here.

You can access programs from the All programs menu and access your H: / P: / K: drives from My Computer

Connecting to the Remote Desktop--PDF with Screen shots


Remote Desktop Programs