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PSY 300 - Roscoe: Finding Articles From a Citation


In this section, you will learn how to use a citation to look up a specific journal articles and see whether WOU Library has access to the article either in print, online or on microfiche.

Finding Articles Using a Citation

STEP 1: Find an article citation listed on the Reference page



Bakagiannis, S., & Tarrant, M. (2006) Can music bring people together? Effects of shared

     musical preference on Intergroup bias in adolescence. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology.

     47, 129-136.




STEP 2: Look up the Journal Title (not the article title) to see if the library has access:


A-Z Journals


STEP 3: Review your options for accessing the article.



  • If an article is available in more than one database, use a database that is freely available (rather than pay-per-view)
  • To find your article, you may need to do one of the following:
    • Click through a list of available issues to find the issue that contains your article
    • OR Look for options to "Search this Publication" and enter the title of the article you want