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BI 315 Cell Biology: Excel

Lab result sheets

Use fill to avoid re-typing formulas

If you are calculating the same kind of values across several colums or rows, you can copy the formulas (not the values) across cells using fill.

To use fill, highlight the cell with the formula you want and the cells you want to fill with that formula:

  • When filling from right to left, press Ctrl+r
  • When filling from top to bottom, press Ctrl+d

Right click is your friend

Right click for hidden options

 Wondering how to get your borders just right, wrap text, or merge cells?

There are several menu options to do this, including the "Format Cells..." menu which is accessible by right clicking when you have the cells you are modifying selected.

Wrapping and merging

Wap the text in a cell so it all displaysClick to add and remove borders