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BI 315 Cell Biology: Popular Magazines/Publications

Ebscohost Databases

After doing your initial search In Masterfile Premier or Academic Search Premier, try limiting to Magazines or Newspapers.

Ebscohost Popular magazine limiter

What they are

Popular magazines are written for the general public and, typically, use easy to understand languages in short articles. You can purchase popular magazines at the grocery store or in the airport and do not have to have a specific knowledge set to understand them.

  • tend to have short articles (1-5 pages)
  • cover a wide variety of topic/subject areas with the intention of informing, entertaining, or persuading the readership (Time, The New Yorker, National Review). They may also cover a single subject area (Sports Illustrated or Audubon).
  • are designed to attract a broad segment of the population.
  • use conventional/conversational language, as opposed to a specialized vocabulary.
  • provide articles written by journalists and reviewed by magazine editors.
  • provide articles often accompanied by photographs or other colorful illustrations.
  • include extensive and flashy commercial advertising.
  • publish articles that do not contain a bibliography or cited reference page. 
  • are issued frequently (i.e. come out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). 

Databases to try