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BI 315 Cell Biology: Finding Trade Publications

Ebscohost Databases

Agricola, Academic Search Premier, GreenFile, and other EbscoHOST databases make finding trade publicaitons less of a challenge. After you run your search, limit to a source type of  "Trade Publications":

What they are

Generally trade publications include articles which are written by practitioners in a particular field or discipline, and are intended for those studying or working in those fields. For example, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School is a trade publication written for middle school math teachers.

Trade publications:

  • are usually published weekly or monthly
  • have news, current events, book reviews and topical articles relating to the profession
  • may include references at the end of articles
  • have articles that are usually written by specialists in the field and reviewed by magazine’s editors
  • have advertising that tends to appeal specifically to those in the field.

Databases to try