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ENG 107H - Literature of the Western World, Dr. Harding: Start Here! Reference Sources

How to Use Reference Sources

When conducting literature research, reference sources should be a place to start - similar to the role they play in your everyday life. For instance, if you want to get a definition and/or an overview of something, you might go to Wikipedia or another similar online reference source. Having done that though, you wouldn't have done in-depth research. What you have done is given yourself a background and a context from which you could research further if you wish.

Similarly, use the reference sources below to give you an overview of your genre and the major works within it. These sources will help give you background, context, and ideas that you can then use as a jumping-off point for your research. Some of them will even provide you with lists of relevant sources to explore.

**Note: Even though these are reference sources and are not a substitute for in-depth research, if you quote/summarize/paraphrase what you learn from these sources in your presentation or paper you must still cite them!

Recommended Reference Sources

Except online resources, the following materials are in the Reference Collection on the 1st floor of Hamersly--use their call numbers to find their specific location.

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