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ED 635 Action Research Guide: Action Research

ebooks on Action Research

A Tool Kit for Action Research by Sandra M. Alber 
This book facilitates the completion of action research studies by providing a series of tasks that guide action researchers from the beginning of a project and selecting a topic for study, to completion of the project and editing final reports. All too often, students and practicing professionals in professional development schools are overwhelmed by the thought of doing an action research project and resort to using quasi-experimental designs. A Toolkit for Action Research puts an end to both, with the result being a life-long learning and reflection tool for teachers. This workbook can be used alone, or in conjunction with traditional action research texts

Action Research for Teacher Candidates Using Classroom Data to Enhance Instruction by Robert P. Pelton et al. 
Teachers are the most essential element in a child's success in school. Action Research for Teacher Candidates provides teachers-in-training with the skills needed for action research: a process that leads to focused, responsive, and effective methods that generate success in school for both teachers and students.
This book provides a formula for data-driven results. It details a process ensuring high-level student achievement.

Becoming a Teacher through Action Research Process, Context, and Self-Study
Becoming a Teacher through Action Research skillfully interweaves the stories of pre-service teaching with the process of action research. This engaging text focuses specifically on the needs of pre-service teachers by providing assistance for all stages of the research experience, including guidance on how to select an area of focus, design a culturally-proficient study, collect and interpret data, and communicate findings

Applying Theory to Educational Research An Introductory Approach with Case Studies by Jeff Adams
For beginning researchers, theory can be one of the most stimulating – yet intellectually daunting – aspects of academic work. Applying Theory to Educational Research provides new educational researchers with a uniquely accessible introduction to the process of selecting and applying theories in their own work. Written by a team of leading educationalists writing from the perspective of new researchers, clearly structured chapters introduce individual theorists and their ideas, present their applications and limitations, and provide extensive references and suggestion for further reading. 

Enhancing Practice through Classroom Research A teacher's guide to professional development by Caitriona McDonagh 
Enhancing Practice through Classroom Research is an accessible introduction to understanding and improving teaching and learning through a process of reflection, research and action. Written by teachers for teachers, it offers a straightforward guide to classroom research and considers issues central to effective professional development. Including questions for reflection and illustrated with case studies and vignettes of the authors’ own experiences of undertaking classroom research, it offers a step-by-step guide to beginning your own research.