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Hamersly Library

ENG 218W - Intro to Literary Study: Finding Books

Using Primo to Find Books in Hamersly & Beyond

In order to find physical books and eBooks in Hamersly, you will need to search for them using Primo. To do this:

1. Go to the library homepage

2. Type your topic and/or the work title/author into the Primo search box in the middle of the page.

Search Primo

3. Specify that you want to search in WOU only by selecting the "WOU" radio button under the search box (you can also search Summit libraries, if you have enough time, by selecting the "WOU + Summit" radio button), then hit enter or click the black magnifying glass search button.

4. Now you have your initial set of results of books on your topic from all over the library. In order to find print books specifically or narrow your results down in some other way, use the limiters on the left of the page (for more on using these limiters, also called facets, watch this tutorial).