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Hamersly Library

Information and Reference Desk: Outside Users

For students and staff of the information/reference desk

Continuing Scholars

Continuing Scholars

Students who require library privileges during a term of non-course enrollment (for example, during thesis research or to finish incompletes) need to pay the $50 Continuing Access Fee.  Either the Business Office (in Lieuallen Administration Bldg.) or Lori Pagel in the library can charge this fee to your account (detail code A077).

The Continuing Access Fee provides you standard student access to library facilities and collections, most notably borrowing from the local collection and through Summit or Interlibrary Loan, as well as off-campus access to the subscription databases. The student is still liable for applicable overdue fines and replacement costs.

Please note that reactivating your account is a manual process–there is no automatic connection between the payment and the activation process, or even a notification to us that you are doing this. You must present confirmation to us that this charge has been added to your account: either a) present to the Checkout Desk a receipt from your WolfWeb account showing the charge, or b) ask to confirm your payment. Then, during standard business hours, we can make the changes necessary for you to have access.

This same fee is charged to Independent Scholars.

Computer Workstation Use Policy

Computer Workstation Use Policy

Hamersly Library provides access to the reference area workstations for educational purposes including reference, research and class assignments. The Library adheres to Western’s policy for Acceptable Use of Computing Resources.

Primary Users
Students, faculty and staff of Western Oregon University
 are considered primary users and will be given priority in the use of the workstations. High school students who are also enrolled in classes at Western are considered primary users. Use is limited to 30 minutes if other primary users are waiting.

Community Users
Community members, 18 years of age and older may use the workstations for educational purposes, but only during hours of low use when workstations are still available to primary users.

High School Students
High school students may have community user privileges only if accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or teacher, or with identification showing they are part of a WOU sponsored program, or with pre-arranged permission slips from a teacher or WOU library staff member.

  • Note: Students under high school age are allowed to use Hamersly Library computers, books, and all other resources only when accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or teacher.

Procedures for community users, including authorized high school students

  • Sign in at the Information Desk. A photo ID is required
  • Use is limited. You will be asked to relinquish the workstation at any time if it is needed by a primary user.
  • Pay for your printed pages at the Checkout Desk. Printing costs for community users are five cents per printed side of each page.
  • All users of U.S. government information may access the workstations without any of the restrictions outlined above.

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