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Hamersly Library

Information and Reference Desk: Communication

For students and staff of the information/reference desk

Phone Extensions

Name Email Extension
Stewart Baker bakersc   88890
Elizabeth Brookbank brookbanke 88657
Lori Bullis bullisl 88884
Scott Carter carters 88848
Nat Elder eldern 88898
Camila Gabaldon gabaldonc 88653
Sue Kunda kundas 88893
Christopher Mansayon mansayonc 88441
Allen Mckiel mckiela 88886
Robert Monge monger 88887
Sean O'Neill oneills 88818
Lori Pagel pagell 88881
Jerrie Lee Parpart parparj 88419
Janeane Rockwell-Kincanon kincanj 89493
Tracy Scharn scharnt 88892
Brianna Robertson scotts 88883
Nora Solvedt solvedtn 88158
Jackson Stalley stalleyj 88894


Department Room Extension
Acquisitions 209 88883
Administration 206 88240
Archives and Exhibits 208 88770
Archives Workroom 301B 88896
Checkout 105 88902
Classroom (lecture) 107 88726
Classroom (Computer lab) 108 88902
Conference 205 88775
Conference 210 88767
Conference 301A 88006
Digital Media Center 228 88965
Fax Machine (Admin) 206 88399
Fax Machine (Public Services) 117 88645
Information Desk 125 88418
Interlibrary Loan 117 88884
Library Hours Recording   88018
Public Services Proctoring 117 88890
Reference 125 88899
Serials 208 88894
Shipping and Receiving 118 88643
Staff Lounge 207 88897
The Press 119 88321


Campus Public Safety:

   EMERGENCY: 8-9000

   Office & Dispatch (Open 24/7): 8-8481

   Cell Phone: (503) 932-3419


Emergency Numbers

See infomration here:

Using the PA System

Using the PA System

Closing announcements are recorded and on a timer.  Unusual hours or other circumstances may require “live” announcements.   The Public Address (PA) system works through the telephone and may be used from the information, reference, and checkout desk phones.

  1. If the message is not an emergency, write down your announcement before engaging the address system.
  2. Lift phone receiver and dial 002.
  3. Listen for a slightly odd sounding dial tone.
  4. Dial 4 and immediately speak into the receiver.
  5. Remember to read the announcement slowly and to speak clearly and a bit louder than normal.
  6. When finished gently hang up using your finger rather than just setting the receiver in place as that makes a loud clunk.

 Recorded messages.  These are programmed to play before closing, including the adjustments needed for intersessions, extended hours, and holidays.  They are written below in case of error or emergency. 

Msg #

When played



30 minutes before close

The library will close in 30 minutes.


15 minutes before close

The library will close in 15 minutes.


1 minute before close

The library is now closing. Please exit the building at this time or move to the student lounge. It is located near the west entrance and is open 24 hours a day.  Thank you.


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At opening each day, check to see if the message light is on at the Information Desk telephone. If the light is on, there is a message waiting on Audix.  The Audix System gives you several options at various points. Listen to the options and follow the instructions.  The directions below are for retrieving messages only.

Familiar with your phone:

  1. Info ext. is 8-8418, Checkout ext. is 8-8902, Ref ext. is 8-8899
  2. First be familiar how to navigate your phone, you have new key tasks including conference, transfer, drop, hold, and mute.
  3. 2-way speaker, can be used with wired or wireless headsets through a jack.
  4. You have multiple extensions that have been programmed in the phone for all the departments in the library. They consist of speed-dial buttons without the need to scroll through on-screen lists.
  5. Each buttons features a dual LED (red, green) explaining the status for you.
  6. Your keys make it easy to scroll through the local contacts list or your call logs.                                                                                             

To Check Messages On Audix:

  1. Push your message button, listen to the operator prompting you to listen to your new and old messages.
  2. Enter your extension, if your are at Info. it is 8-8418, if you are at Checkout, your it is 8-8902, and Ref is 8-8899
  3. Check your password when the operator is prompting you to enter it. It should be 123456
  4. At the end of your message, it will prompt you with instructions to either save, delete, forward your call and/or continue with another option for the main menu, for example your greetings.

Useful Tip:

AIf you ever need to reset your phone, your password should be 123456

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Phone Etiquette

Phone Etiquette

At the Information and reference desks we get many phone calls. Please remember that you are representing the university and the library! All calls should be handled in a professional, courteous manner. The Telephone Skills Review included in this section describes the Western Oregon University standards for answering the telephone. In addition to the guidelines outlined in the skills review, here are a few notes:


  1. Please do not assume that the caller ID at the Information or Reference desk is correctly identifying the caller and that you can answer the phone less formally than usual. For example, just because the caller ID says ‘Michele Burke’ do not assume that Michele is the caller. The caller ID simply means that the call is coming through Michele’s extension. If a patron calls Michele’s direct line, but Michele does not answer, the patron then has the option to transfer to the Information desk. The caller ID will say Michele Burke, but she is not the caller. Please do not answer the phone by saying “Hi Michele.” Answer the phone by saying “Library and Media Services Information Desk” regardless of what caller ID says.
  1. When you are on the phone with someone and need to write something down, say “okay, I’m writing that down.” When you are writing or searching for something on the computer the caller can usually tell that you are distracted. By explaining what you are doing and why, they know that you are still focused on helping them.
  1. The volume on the phone needs to be kept loud enough that other desk personnel can tell when your extension is ringing. If people in your call-group can not hear your extension, they will not know that it needs to be answered.
  1. Press *7 to answer calls within your call-group. If the checkout desk is busy and the phone rings, the information person can press *7 to answer the call. Regardless of which phone rings, answer with the greeting appropriate for your location. That means that even if the checkout phone rings, if you are at the information desk, you should answer by saying “Library and Media Services Information Desk.” This avoids confusing the caller by answering as the checkout desk and then saying you will transfer them to the checkout desk. 

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Socializing Policy

Socializing Policy

One of the challenges in being a student worker at the public service desks of the Hamersly Library is controlling the number and length of personal contacts with friends and fellow students. We recognize, however, that some of your effectiveness as a public services student worker is based on your being a student- sometimes you are in the same classes or involved in the same activities as the students who need your assistance. They may be more willing to approach you since you are also a student. Library staff members recognize that and value your hard work and assistance to them and library patrons.

However, when you are at work, you are expected to concentrate on your work tasks. When your friends come to your work site, they may not understand that you are on duty. You are certainly welcome to greet your acquaintances, but you must limit the interaction unless the student has a question or needs assistance. Please focus on providing assistance to them rather than engaging in personal conversations. The trick is to get out of the conversation gracefully. You might look for an opening to state that you have to get back to work. Find a method that works for you. We expect that you will make an effort to control these interactions. 

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