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HST 425: Modern France: Revolutionary Era and Napoleon: Primary Sources

Kewords to find Primary Sources

These are subheadings for primary sources published in book form. Search for these as keywords in Primo, combined with a main topic, such as napoleon* wars maps. You can mix and match, remembering to combine similar concepts together with "OR."  Ex. sources OR diaries OR correspondence

If you want to extend your search beyond Primo (the Summit libraries), use the same search terms in WorldCat and order through Interlibrary Loan.

  • sources
  • interviews
  • diaries
  • autobiograph* (best to use truncation)
  • correspondence
  • personal narratives
  • pamphlets
  • speeches
  • documents
  • archives
  • maps

For literary works as primary sources, try these search phrases.  Square brackets indicate that this is an example that you can modify with a parallel geographic area or adjective.  Ex. [Indonesian] replace with kenyan 

  • [Indonesian] [poetry] women authors
  • short stories [egypt] 
  • fiction
  • essays
  • drama
  • prose literature

In Book Form

Specific Archival Sources

Broad-Scope Archival Searches