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Evaluating Medical News Items

Questions to ask about the news item:

  1. Does the article make extraordinary claims? ("Coffee Causes Cancer!")
  2. Does the article support its claims with scientific research that is presented fairly?
  3. Was the research done on humans?
  4. How many people did the research study include?
  5. Did the study have a control group?
  6. Did the study actually assess what’s in the headline?
  7. Who paid for and conducted the study?

Adapted from How to Read Health News.

Find Scholarly/Peer-reviewed Articles

How to Find Articles Listed on a Reference Page--Journal Title List

Do you have an article citation from a reference page?  

You can search for the article using the journal title, volume/issue, and page number:  

Once you have noted this information, look for the journal using our Journal Title List search:

Need a specific journal?
Use the Journal Title List


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