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HST 301: Introduction to Historical Research (Swedo): Primary Sources

A Quick Guide to Finding Medieval Primary Sources


   Click HERE to learn more about finding medieval secondary sources.

Keywords to Find Primary Sources

These are subheadings for primary sources published in book form. Search for these as keywords in Primo, combined with the search terms for Vikings and your assigned group.

  • sources
  • interviews
  • diaries
  • autobiograph* (best to use truncation)
  • correspondence
  • personal narratives
  • pamphlets
  • speeches
  • documents
  • archives
  • maps



Primo Search Box #1      Vikings
Primo Search Box #2      Native Americans OR Inuit
Primo Search Box #3      sources OR documents
                                        OR personal narratives


If you want to extend your search beyond Primo (the Summit libraries), use the same search terms in WorldCat and order through Interlibrary Loan.

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Primary Sources (Monographs)

Primary Sources (Online)