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Hamersly Library

WR 115 - Daniels: Find Resources to Expand Your Understanding

Find Sources on Your Topic

You've made it through the grilling! Now you need to find at least two resources that expand your understanding of your topic. Ideally, the resource will help you establish the importance of your issue or prove the point you are trying to make.



Use the CRAAP Test to evaluate what you found:

Currency:     When was the information published or posted?
Relevance:   How does the information relate to your topic?
Authority:     Who is the author/publisher/sponsor and why do you trust them?
Accuracy:     Can you verify the information with another source or your own knowledge?
Purpose:      What is the purpose of the site? To inform, teach, sell, entertain, persuade?


  1. Pick one website you think passes the CRAAP test
  2. Open your email account and email the web address to yourself and to the librarian (librarian’s email address is on the board at the front of the room)
  3. Be prepared to explain why you chose the website you did