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Open Educational Resources (OER): Tools for Affordable Learning: Finding Other OERs

This guide describes high-quality educational resources that can be used to decrease material costs for courses at WOU and in higher education more broadly.

Finding OERs

Many, many open educational resources have already been developed and made available online. Indeed, one challenge with OERs is the sheer number. We hope the following lists will provide a helpful entry point into the world of OERs. The following includes a range of materials, including syllabi, test banks, class exercises, simulations, videos, ebooks, and more. Note that the "open" part of some of these resources may need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Always look for licensing and copyright statements for each resource (just to be sure!).

Finding Open Ebooks (STEM)

Mason OER Metafinder

The Mason OER Metafinder allows you to search a variety of sources simultaneously, including the Library of Congress, Project Gutenberg, Open Textbook Library, OER Commons, OpenStax, Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg, MERLOT, and Hathitrust.

Search: Mason OER Metafinder