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Communicating Health--Creating Educational, Marketing, and Promotional Products: Home

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Guide Overview

Using the Communicating Health--Creating Educational, Marketing, and Promotional Products Research Guide 

This guide will help you create Print and Digital content used in the promotion of educational and marketing resources. 


From the Tools section of the site -- located using the tabs at the top of the page -- will be a list of useful programs/software to assist you in creating your materials. These sections will include both free-open source programs and programs that require a purchase (but as a WOU student you will have access to using the library/university resources, along with some common programs people purchase on their own. 





The Table of contents on the left side of the screen will direct you to specific types of marketing materials you can create. Each section will have a definition of the type of material, several examples, and best practices/ need to know tips. 




We have equipment available from the library checkout desk to help you with your projects 






If you need help with a project, schedule an appointment with Robert Monge (e-mail is the best way to contact him). 




You can book video/audio recording rooms in our Digital Media Center to work on your projects.