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Communicating Health--Creating Educational, Marketing, and Promotional Products: Screencasting/Screencapture Tools

Screencasting/Screen Capture Tools PC MAC

Screencasting--Video Only 

No Installation. 15 minutes of recording time. Records screen and webcam. Saves in MP4, AVI, FLV format. Publish to YouTube HD.   


Both Screencapture/Screencasting--Image and Video  


5 minutes recording time. Saves in .FLV format. Creates link to share on websites, blogs, e-mail. Does both screencapture -- still images and screencast -- video.



Icecream Screen Recorder 

Meet Icecream Screen Recorder, a tool that enables you to capture any area of your screen either as a screenshot or a video file. The intuitive and easy-to-use software offers a complete suite of tools and options for professional screen capture with audio. 10 minutes recording time. 


TIP-- Most free screencasting tools don't have much editing features. However, you can save screencast and edit using video editor.