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Daniels Online Writing Classes: Find Resources to Expand Your Understanding

Find Sources on Your Topic

As you move forward with your search for additional sources, keep in mind the discussion you had online with another student. Find at least two resources that expand your understanding of your topic.

Choosing Sources

To evaluate the sources you find, consider some of the following:

  • How the source helps you better understand the complexity of the issue at hand
  • How the source might help you make a point related to the issue at hand
  • The authority of the source for your given topic


Option 1: Google Targeted Searching

This search engine works like a normal Google search, but it will only retrieve articles from the online periodicals that your instructor has asked you to use (New York Times, New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Nation, Harpers, The Economist and the Washington Post).


Alternatively, you can do a targeted search using Google:

Focus your search on particular types of sites. Enter your keywords as you normally would but add one of these to the end of your search:

  •       Finds non-profit websites – can be great if you find one that focuses on your topic!
  •      Finds government websites – research, laws, policies, etc.
  •      Finds college & university websites – research, policy recommendations, etc.

Option 2: Article Databases (Newspapers, Magazines, Journals)



WR 122 Students: In addition to Newsbank above, you should use Academic Search Premier to find articles. This database is used in a variety of college classes at WOU, so spend some time getting used to it.

Here is a link to a quick tutorial on how to use Academic Search Premier.


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