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WR 122 - Daniels: Find Diverse Sources on Your Topic

Find Diverse Genres on Your Topic

As you search, concentrate on finding a variety of genres on your topic. Diverse genres will contribute different types of information and perspectives to help you better understand the topic you are researching.

The sources you choose should represent different rhetorical stances in terms of purpose, audience, type of appeal (ethos, logos, pathos), authority, etc.

Below are different options to find diverse genres.

Targeted Google Searches

Find a particular type of website: plastic environment searches for a type of site


Search within a specific website: searches a specific website


Ready to start? Go to Google.


Article Databases (Newspapers, Magazines, Journals)


Find Articles from Newspapers, Magazines & Scholarly Journals

Academic Search Premier can be used to find varied article genres: from newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals. Here is a link to a quick tutorial on how to use Academic Search Premier.

Find Articles from Newspapers

Newsbank provides articles from over 900 U.S. newspapers


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