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Hamersly Library

Captioning--Video: Captioning Software at Hamerlsy Library


Camtasia is a screen recorder and video editing program. It has several options for adding captioning to your multimedia projects.

A copy of this program is available on a PC computer in room HL 122 at the TRC (Technology Resource Center) located in Hamersly Library. You can create open or closed captioned videos (note--closed caption videos are published as a Flash file).

You can reserve HL 128 to work on your video and captioning projects.


Captions--How to Videos for Camtasia

Captioning makes your videos accessible and searchable. Explore the many ways Camtasia Studio 8 makes adding and managing captions a breeze.

Speech to Text 3:17
Sync with Script 3:05
Add Captions Manually 4:24


The TRC also has a start/stop transciption program that allows you to watch a video and with the assistance of foot pedels stop/start and reverse videos to make the transcription of videos easier.