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Daniels Writing Class: Articulate Your Understanding

Group Work

Partner up with at least two other people. Each of you should take turns: 

  • Describe your topic/issue
  • Ask your group members what they already know about this topic/issue
  • If you have taken a position on this issue, explain what your position is and why
  • Describe who the discourse community is for this topic/issue
  • Think about the existing discussions you've read on this issue. What would you like to contribute to the discussion?
  • What evidence do you have to support your position? What evidence are you planning to find?
  • What evidence do your group members think you should find to support your position?
  • Who or what would be considered an authoritative source on this specific issue? (potential examples: people close to or directly impacted by the issue, experts in a relevant field, agency that creates rules or regulations related to the issue, organization specializing in this issue, someone or something else?)


Take notes as you chat! Write down important ideas, people, organizations, etc.


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Tracy Scharn
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