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WR 122 - Daniels Hybrid/Online Writing Classes: Find Diverse Sources on Your Topic

Find Diverse Genres on Your Topic

As you search, concentrate on finding diverse genres of writing on your topic: different types of web sources, diverse article types, etc.

Diverse genres will contribute different types of information and perspectives to help you better understand the topic you are researching.

Below are different options for you to find diverse genres.

Considerations for Choosing Sources

   The source represents a genre you don't already have or have very little of

   The source helps you better understand the complexity of the issue at hand

   The source might help you make a point related to the issue at hand

   The source is an authority for your given topic (they have expertise or knowledge)


Advanced Google Searching

Retrieve particular types of sites. Add this to your search:       Finds non-profit websites      Finds government websites      Finds college & university websites


Retrieve particular file types. Add this to your search:

filetype:pdf    Finds PDFs (articles, reports, etc.)

filetype:ppt or filetype:pptx    Finds PowerPoints (presentations, etc.)


Start your search below: 

Google Web Search

Article Databases (Newspapers, Magazines, Journals)

Find Articles from Newspapers

Newsbank provides articles from over 900 U.S. newspapers


Find Articles from Newspapers, Magazines & Scholarly Journals

Academic Search Premier can be used to find varied article genres: from newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals. Here is a link to a quick tutorial on how to use Academic Search Premier.


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