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A resource guide for Ed 633

ED 633 class Research Guide


This guide is designed to assist you with your research for ED 633. Use the tabs at the top of the guide to navigate to the different tools and strategies. Below is a guide to help you think about the research process. 

The Research Process

The Research Situation: Determine what you know about the topic and what you want to explore. This can be done through free writing, creating lists, mind mapping (whatever works best for you).  Also, start writing down key words and phrases you can use in your searches.

Getting Background Information: Take time to investigate different issues related to your topic.  Start with Wikipedia and Google.  You won’t use Wikipedia as a source in your research, but it’s great for getting background info. Write down any new information, names, dates, and keywords related to your topic.  Note any Wikipedia references or web pages you could use as sources in your paper. Use textbooks and book searches also to get more information. Books used for background information can also be used later as sources for your paper. 

Advanced Internet Research: Modify your Google searches by searching by domain name or searching by file type.

Finding Books: Search for books and e-books. Books can provide a broader coverage and deeper dive on subject as they cover topics more in depth than articles.  

Finding Artilces: Search articles. Articles are useful as they focus on a specific aspect of a topic. You can find scholarly peer reviewed articles from WOU databases.  



Finding Articles/Books from a Reference Page shows you how to find the articles/books listed in a reference page at the end of an article. This will help you locate research used in articles you have already found and read. 

Finding Cited By and Related Articles in Google Scholar  shows you how to use Google Scholar to look up an article by tittle and see who else has cited it in their research. This will help you find additional articles on your topic. 



You can use a variety of citation guides and resources to help cite your sources correctly in-text and on the reference page. 

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