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GERO 320: Home

STEP ONE: You need a unique experience to focus on. Here are some ideas:

  • Look at the suggestions your professor gave on your assignment.
  • Think of a group or situation that interests you. Can you turn this into a focus for your research paper?
  • Have you seen an issue in your class readings, the news, or on social media that interests you?

STEP TWO: Talk about your topic with another student.

OK, you've found a potential focus for your paper. Now you need to find another student to work with. You will ask each other questions to help you think through your topic. Ask each other questions like:

  1. What is unique about this group or situation?
  2. Why should people pay attention to this or care about it?
  3. What do you want or need to find out about this group or situation in order to write your paper?
  4. Feel free to ask other questions that help your partner think through their topic.


Be prepared to share what you and your partner discussed. The librarian will call on a few people to share.

STEP FOUR: Start Finding Potential Resources

Go to the Gerontology Subject Guide and start searching for articles.


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