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GERO 320: Home

Looking for a unique experience to focus on? Try these ideas

  • Look at the suggestions your professor gave on your assignment.
  • Think of a group or situation that interests you. Can you turn this into a focus for your research paper?
  • Have you seen an issue in your class readings, the news, or on social media that interests you?
  • The table of contents for the Oxford Handbook of Social Work and Aging might give you ideas too.

Find Peer-reviewed Articles

Below are the best starting points for doing your research:

Explore more options on the Gerontology Subject Guide.

PsycINFO Tutorial

Watch this brief video tutorial to learn how to use PsycINFO. For the best display, click the Full Screen option in the lower right of the screen once you start the video:


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Tracy Scharn
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NoodleTools helps you write citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago format. It also has tools to create notecards, draft an outline of your paper and keep track of "To Do" tasks. Citations can be exported directly to your Google Drive, or to Word or other formats.