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MLA Style Guide: 8th Edition: EasyBib


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IMPORTANT: The first time you use Easybib EDU, you will need to entere WOU's code. Current students, faculty, and staff can access it here.

If you are logged in to the WOU Portal, you can use the "Log in with Google" button to log in.

EasyBib EDU is an automatic citation & bibliography composer for MLA Style.

EasyBib is also available from the library home page under Accounts.  Hamersly Library provides the premium access to EasyBib as opposed to its free version.

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Signing Up For EasyBib

EasyBib helps you generate citations for your Works Cited page. It is free to use but to get the full services remember to access EasyBib from the library website

From the Library Web page go to Accounts

New Users--register for an account. Returning users -- Log in to account