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Hamersly Library

MLA Style Guide: 8th Edition: NoodleTools

Noodle Tools-- from Library Site or WOU Gmail


A free reference citation tool. Just sign up for an account using your WOU E-mail the first time and return anytime to log back in. 




OPTION 1: From the WOU Library website 

1) Go to WOU LIBRARY and Select Cite in Select in APA, MLA...

2) Select Noodle Tools 


OPTION 2: From Your WOU G-mail Account  

1) Login into your WOU e-mail

2) Select the "Waffle" in the upper right corner 

2) Select More 

3) Select Noodle Tools (at the bottom) 




NoodleTools helps you write citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago format. It also has tools to create notecards, draft an outline of your paper and keep track of "To Do" tasks. Citations can be exported directly to your Google Drive, or to Word or other formats.