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.Psychology Subject Guide: Articles & Databases

Top Psychology Databases

These are the major databases for psychology research.

Other Databases To Try

These databases may also be useful for your psychology research.

Psychological Tests

Identifying tests related to your topic:

  • Search for articles on your topic and note the names of the tests they used in their experiments
  • Conduct a simple search in PsycINFO for the single thing you want to test (stress, depression, etc.), and in the Limit Your Results section, select the Classification Code: 2220 Tests & Testing

Finding a specific test when you know the name of it:

  • Find the original article where the author(s) of the test report on its development and purpose.
  • When a researcher uses someone else's test in their own work, they may publish all or part of the test in their research article. Search for articles that mention the test you are looking for.
  • Some tests are treated like books, because they come with manuals on how to use them. Try searching the WOU Library and Summit, using the name of the test.

PsycINFO Basics Tutorial

Search for an article

Use this box to search for a specific article

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