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Hamersly Library

Honors World History: Books

For Mr. Thissell's Honors World History class

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Keywords to find Primary Sources

Below are a list of words you can add to a search to locate primary sources published in book form. Search for these as keywords in Primo, combined with a main topic, such as napoleon* wars maps.

  • sources
  • interviews
  • diaries
  • letters
  • memoirs
  • autobiograph* (best to use truncation)
  • correspondence
  • personal narratives
  • pamphlets
  • speeches
  • documents
  • archives
  • maps

You can mix and match, remembering to combine similar concepts together with "OR."  Example: sources OR diaries OR correspondence

Finding Books, E-books, and other material

Search for books, e-book, articles, and other material at Western Oregon University, Summit, and beyond. 



NOTE: You can read e-books on any computer or download to your digital device. See: Using eBooks @ WOU

Orbis-Cascade (SUMMIT): Libraries and locations 

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