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Need help finding a topic?

Try these ideas!

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Library Home Page

Getting Started: Finding a Topic

  • Think of a topic or hobby that interests you. Can you turn it into a research paper?
    • Example: You love sports. Try one of these topics: benefits of physical fitness; how sports promotes teamwork; pay for college athletes; concussions in sports.
    • Ask a librarian or your professor if you want to brainstorm how to turn your interests into a researchable topic.
  • Have you seen an issue in the news or on social media that interests you?
  • Scan news sources (in print or online) for ideas (Google News, Yahoo News, specific newspapers, etc.)
  • Use a topical database like Opposing Viewpoints or CQ Researcher to browse issues (see links below)

Opposing Viewpoints

CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher database


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