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ED 492/692 ESOL Technology Project

Guide Overview

This guide is designed to help you create your ESOL Technology Project. 

Use the topics on the left to help create your guide. 

STANDARDS: This includes the three categories that align with the TSPC technology standards for ESOL, and InTASC standards. You will create a page within your website for each standard. 

EDUCATION WEBSITE BEST PRACTICES: This includes tips for designing clean websites that focus on highlighting your content. There are sample projects linked for examples. 

Each page has how-to tips to get you started / help with adding content. 

WIX allows you to create from a blank template and has either side or top tab navigation. 

Google Sites is part of your Google Apps available from your g-mail account (you can use your school or personal g-mail address). allows you to create from a blank template and has top tab navigation. 

Weebly allows you to create websites from a preformatted template. There are no blank template options. You will need to replace existing content from the template with your own content.. 

Copyright Free Images is a listing of sites that have copyright free options on images you can use in creating your site.   

Digital Tools is a listing of tools you can use to build content and embed in your website.  

APA provides assistance options for citing in APA format 

Need Help? 


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