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FYS 107 - Library Research Guide



This guide is designed to serve two purposes. First, to introduce you to the library resources available to you as you complete the library research worksheet for your recipe assignment.  Second, to be a place to return to as you expand your research for your research project. 

You can start with the library research worksheet and go through  the videos to complete the assignment.

Later on as you continue your research, you can return to this guide for quick access to the resources. 

If you have any questions at any time, please let me know.   

Available for Zoom Meeting.

Recipe Assignment - Introduction with Search Tips  

Library Worksheet - Based on Recipe Assignment  



Introduction with Search Tips (8:51)

This video will demonstrate how to search for information on ingredients from your Recipe assignment and provide tips to modifying your searches. 



Library Resources -- Articles 

Below are links to various library databases (also available from the Articles and Database page from the library website). The links will open up in a new tab. Each resource has a pop-up video explaining how to search each database. 

Oxford English Dictionary (OED) The authoritative source on the origins of English words and their shifts in meanings and pronunciations over time. It illustrates a word's usage through dated quotation evidence taken from a wide range of literature and other print sources.

How to Search the OED (3:19) 


JSTOR Provides online full-text access to the archives of more than 1300 scholarly journals, some of which date from the 19th century.

How to Search the JSTOR (6:12) 


Google Scholar  Enables you to search specifically for academic research including journal articles, books, technical reports, conference proceedings, and other scholarly material.


How to Search the Google Scholar (10:46) 


Academic Search Premier A multi-disciplinary database that provides citations and full-text for articles published in nearly 4,500 journals, including more than 3,700 peer-reviewed titles.

How to Search Academic Search Premier (4:34)


Library Resources -- Books  

Below are links to the WOU library and the Internet Archive-National Emergency Library. The links will open up in a new tab.  Each resource has a pop up video explaining how to search for books. You can also access the WOU library from our library page. While the library is closed, you still have access to e-books and print books (chapters will be scanned and e-mailed to you). 

WOU-Hamersly Library Search the WOU library for print and e-books. Internet Archives-Books  You may read the books online in your browser, or download them into Adobe Digital Editions, a free piece of software used for managing loans. 

How to Search WOU Library and Internet Archives-Books (9:20)    


Chicago Style Citations 
Purdue OWL Chicago Style Citations