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Psy 301-Dr. Dolenc Nott: PSY 301 -- Research Guide

This research guide will help search PsycINFO as you work to complete you Article Assignment, Literature Review, and Final Research Proposal.  Included is an interactive presentation and worksheet/handout activity designed to show you how to use PsycINFO to complete these assignments. After completing it you should have several research articles to get you started. You will also have a handout you can use to help you with your research throughout the term. 

PsycINFO  has more than 2 million scholarly articles, book chapters, and dissertations in psychology and related disciplines. You will be using PsycINFO as your primary source to find the articles you need to complete your assignments this term.

Google Scholar enables you to search for academic research including journal articles, books, technical reports, conference proceedings, and other scholarly material.  Google Scholar will be used to find articles from reference pages and Cited by articles.






Noodle Tools - a cloud based software to help with your citations. Free for WOU students 


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                            Download Worksheet and complete using the presentation below. Make sure to save worksheet both while your working to complete it and when your are done so you don't lose your answers. You can print after completing for a reference research handout. 


Use the arrows on the bottom to navigate. Select the three dots to expand to full screen