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AMA Style Guide : Block Quote


Block Quote

If material quoted from texts or speeches is longer than 4 lines of text, the material should be set off in a block, ie, in reduced type and without the quotation marks. Paragraph indents are generally not used unless the quoted material is known to begin a paragraph. Space is often added both above and below these longer quotations. If the block quotation appears in a section to be set in reduced type, do not reduce the type size of the quoted material further. If another quotation appears within a block quote, use double quotation marks around the contained quotation. Typically a single phrase with a colon introduces the block quote.


It is important to keep in mind:

       Raw food diets are extreme dietary regiments that have not been investigated

         extensively. For those that have been investigated the benefits are still considered

         controversial. There is also little information about the effect of consuming a raw

         vegan diet on the immune system. Extra caution is suggested when studying vulnerable

         populations and assessment of the nutritional adequacy of the diet is most reliably made

         on a case-by-case basis.6