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AMA Style Guide : Journal Article

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Journal Article

Authors are listed by Last name and First and Middle name initials (if available)

1. author: Doe JF.

2. authors: Doe JF, Roe JP

3-6 authors: Doe JF, Roe JP, Coe R, Pose M, Hanson T.

6 or more authors Doe JF, Roe JP, Coe R, et al.

Only capitalize the first word of a journal article title, proper names, and abbreviation normally capitalized. All other words in the title should be lower case. If an article has a subtitle, follow the same rules. 

Abbreviate the name of the journal. Italicize all Journal titles. 

Look up journal abbreviations from: NLM Catalog: Journals referenced in the NCBI Databases

Print Journals:  Author(s). Article title. Journal Name. Year; vol(issue No.): page numbers.

3.      Domingo J. Influence of cooking processes on the concentrations of toxic metals and various organic

         environmental pollutants in food: a review of the published literature. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 2011;51(1):29-37.


Online Journals: Author(s). Article title. Journal Name, Year; vol(issue No.): page numbers. URL. Accessed [Date]

4.     Bower J, Ritchie A, Jones S, Bosco P. Effects of a raw food diet on diabetes. Nutr Diabetes. 2012;2-9:12-
         23. Accessed October 8, 2013  


Article from a Library Database: You may consider articles obtained from a library database as Print Journals.