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AMA Style Guide : Main Body

Main Body

Your paper should:

  • Include a page number on every page (typically in the upper right corner). Often, the author is included with the page number.
  • Be double spaced
  • Have 1-inch margins
  • Be typed in 12-point Times font
  • Indent paragraphs ½ inch

Many papers will use the Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion format. However, not all papers will fit this model. Use appropriate headings and subheadings when organizing your paper.


A consistent style and typeface should be used for head level of heading. Example: Main Heading, Subheading. 

Headings should reflect the logic and structure of your paper.






Example Heading/Subheading:



The basic ideas of a “living-food” or “raw food” diets are consuming all or primarily uncooked foods. These diets are a subset of vegan diets consisting of fruit, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, legumes, and cereals.2,4,7 Many variants of the raw food diet exist and there is no one definition.5 Some articles required that 40%-85% of an individual’s total dietary intake contain uncooked foods in order to be considered raw. High plant protein diets did include a small intake of meat products.2,3,8