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APA Style Guide: Social Media

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Social Media

The topic of how to cite social media is an evolving one, for APA as well as other citation styles. For now, use the following examples as guidance and check out the APA Style Blog for more information and updates.

For most social media, you can follow the general format for citing online sources:

Author, A. (date). Title [Format description]. Retrieved from http://URL


Twitter & Facebook

When discussing a Twitter or Facebook feed as a whole or to discuss it in general, simply include the site URL within your text, inside parentheses (just like an in-text citation). In this case, there is no need for a reference page entry. Example:

Lady Gaga is a celebrity who uses Twitter ( and Facebook ( to interact with and bond with her fans, as well as to promote her music.

In order to cite a specific Tweet or Facebook post, however, you must include an in-text citation and an entry in the reference page, just like for any other source. As with a blog post [link], use the screen name if the author’s full name is unknown. For the title, use the whole post if it is short (like a tweet), or use the first few words if it is long. Here are some examples:

NY Review of Books. (2013, September 6). The total weight of jellyfish in the Black Sea is 10x greater than that of all fish caught around the world in a year [Twitter post]. Retrieved from

Boyd, D. (2013, August 14). ::jaw on floor:: "Google: Gmail users shouldn't expect email privacy" [Twitter post]. Retrieved from

NYPL The New York Public Library. (2013, September 6). Today we recognize a Nobel Peace Prize winner, leader in women's suffrage, and social activist… [Facebook update]. Retrieved from

Obama, M. (2013, February 28). “We can give all our children the bright, healthy futures they so richly deserve.” —the First Lady on why… [Facebook update]. Retrieved from



If the creator’s  full name is available, use that in the citation. If only a screen name is available, use the screen name in the ‘author name’ position:

Mugumogu. (2010, November 11). Many too small boxes and Maru [Video file]. Retrieved from