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Interpreting Studies Resources for Organizing and Writing Your Thesis or Action Research Project

A Note on Reusing Copyrighted Tables, Charts, Graphs, and Images 

You will need to get permission from the copyright holder if you want to reuse a table, chart, graph, or image published in a text (articles, books, websites...).

The owner of the copyright material is the publisher, so contact the journal, book publisher, or website owner to ask for permission. When contacting them, explain what you are using it for and why you want to include it. They may want a fee for use of the material.

If they give you permission, follow APA guidelines for citing copyrighted tables, charts, graphs, and image. 

Discussing Data and Information from Tables, Charts, Graphs, and Images 
While you can't use the table, chart, graph, and image without permission, you can describe, discuss, and analyze the information presented provided you properly cite it following APA in-text/reference page guidelines. 

For example, you can't use a copyrighted table but you could discuss the results citing the authors who conducted the study and created the table. 

You can't redraw or recreate a table, chart, graph, or image based on someone else's data.    

If table, chart, image, or graph is published under a Creative Commons License, you can use it if you follow the License requirements and guidelines.

You can also use any table, chart, image, or graph in the public domain.