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FYS 107: Wonderous Weird: Research Resources

Using Primo (the library's search engine) to Find Primary and Secondary Sources

In order to find surrealist literature (primary sources) or books/articles about surrealist literature and/or art, you will need to search using Primo, the library's search engine. To do this:

1. Go to the library homepage

2. Type your keyword(s) into the Primo search box in the middle of the page. This could be the name of your author, the title of a piece of art, or a general term like "surrealism." Specify what type of materials you want to find in the pull down menu, or just do a general search that will bring back everything (books, articles, multimedia, etc.) Then hit enter or click 'Submit':

Library main search

3. Now you have your initial set of results and will need to narrow them down using the filters on the left-hand side of the search results page. For example, you can limit by availability, the type of resource you want, date, the name of the author you're looking for (this is a good way to find primary sources--the literature or art itself), or the subject (think of these as "tags" that tell you what something is about and group things together). 

Below are some examples that are relevant to this class, but there are many more that you can find by searching using the above process!

Additional Library Databases

Below are some additional databases you may want to use to conduct your research. Just like in Primo, search using your brainstormed keywords. Most of what is available in these databases will show up in your Primo searches, but since these databases are smaller and subject-specific you will get fewer results and therefore might find them easier to manage. 

The first half of the databases listed below are art and/or literature-specific, which will likely be helpful for Project #2. The rest of the databases listed are more general interest and should be helpful for Project #3. 

Resources to find primary sources on the Internet

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