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BI 454W Plant Ecology: Blog Post Images

Blog Post Images

Images help make your blog post more engaging. For this project, you can use images in the public domain or Creative Commons-licensed materials.

Use the links below to learn how to:

Search Google for Creative Commons-licensed materials

Search Flickr for Public Domain and Creative Commons images

Cite Creative Commons-licensed images

Cite Public Domain images

You can find a long list of websites that have Public Domain and/or Creative Commons images on the IUPUI Library website.


Searching Google for Creative Commons-Licensed Images

You can limit Google Image searches to Creative Commons-licensed images.

1. Search Google using your search term/phrase. Click on "Search tools."


2. Click on "Usage rights."


3. Click on "Labeled for reuse."


Searching Flickr for Creative Commons-Licensed Images

You can limit Flickr searches to Creative Commons-licensed images and images in the public domain.

1. Search Flickr using your search term/phrase.


2. Click on "Any license."


3. Click on either "All creative commons" or "U.S. Government works."

Citing Creative Commons Images

Strandberg, C (2009) Fire-Forest. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Creative Commons Citation Format

[AuthorLastName, FirstInitial] (YYYY) [Title]. Licensed under [Creative Commons License].

Provide links to the author's webpage (if available), the image, and the appropriate Creative Commons License.

Example: Strandberg, C (2009) Fire-Forest. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Citing Public Domain Images

US Air Force (2012) High Park fire.

Public Domain Citation Format

[AuthorLastName, FirstInitial] (YYYY) [Title].

Example: US Air Force (2012) High Park fire