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Interpreting Studies Research Skills

This research guide has resources that will be helpful as you research topics in Interpreting Studies

There will be times when you want to look at current Interpreting Studies journals and see what new topics of research are being explored.

To see if the WOU Library carries the journal:

+ Go the library Articles and Databases page and select A-Z Journal List 

+ Type in the name of the Journal (note--you must enter in a journal name/not an article title).

+ Select a database that carries the Journal 

+ Select the date of the Journal you want to browse through

+ Select any articles you want to read

Here are a few journal titles related to Interpreting Studies from WOU; however, this is not an exhaustive list

Journal of Interpretation

Interpreting: International Journal of Research and Practice in Interpreting

Sign Language Studies

Deafness & Education International

Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

American Annuals of the Deaf  

Here are a few journals WOU doesn't have, but you still may want to explore. 


International Journal of Interpreter Education

Interpreter and Translator Trainer

Forum: International Journal of Interpretation and Translation

Journal of Translation Studies

Sign Language Translator and Interpreter

If you enter a journal name and there are no journals listed:

Google the name of the journal

+ Browse the issues for articles

+ Print or write down the article information from the abstract or summary

+ Contact Robert Monge with citation information