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Digital/ Multi-Media Tools Guide

This guide highlights various software and tools you can use to create digital video projects

Finding Images

The following websites provide copyright-friendly images you can use freely as long as you follow the terms of use provided by the owner of the image. Just remember that sometimes it's actually easier to take a photo of your own than it is to search and search for exactly what you want!

Google Image advanced search
Use the "Usage Rights" option to search for copyright-free images and photos.
    Creative Commons image search
A hub that allows you to search various search engines for images and photos that you are free to share, use, and build upon.
Pixabay. Over 1 million free images that can be downloaded. 
Find free high resolution stock photos "for use in all creative pursuits."
Wikimedia Commons
Find good-quality images and photos, as well as video, audio, and other multimedia files, that you are free to use. More about Wikimedia Commons


Editing Images

The spectrum of image and photo editing - both in terms of skills and tools available - is wide. But don't be intimidated! You don't need to be a professional or spend hours editing to achieve a professional-looking photo. There are many easy-to-use but powerful tools available, some of which are below. A small amount of editing with these tools can really do a lot to improve an image or photo, especially one you've taken yourself, so investing the time to learn one of the free tools below is well worth it.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
An open source downloadable program for photo editing and retouching, image composition and image authoring. The most advanced free tool out there. The library has two books available on using GIMP, check them out here.

A web-based tool with free and paid options 

An advanced web-based digital photo editor. Retouch photos and add effects, fonts, shapes, doodles, distortions, and layers