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HST 425: Modern France: Revolutionary Era and Napoleon

Secondary Source Searching: Books, Book Chapters and Ebooks

Primo, the library catalog, provides access to books (sometimes referred to as monographs) as well as articles, online videos, and a number of other resources. This page shows you how to search the catalog for print books, ebooks and ebook chapters.

  • Print books can be picked up at Hamersly Library, sent to your home address, or scanned and delivered via email.
  • Ebooks and ebook chapters are available immediately via links in the catalog.

If you need additional help, please contact Sue Kunda at or 503-838-8893

Starting Your Search

The catalog is set to General Search by default, but you should open the Advanced Search box.


The Advanced Search box looks like this:                         Image of Advanced Search box


Place your keywords/phrases in the search boxes. Use one search box for each keyword/phrase. You can put multiple synonyms or related terms on the same line, but make sure to use "OR" between them. See the example below.


Click "Search". Once you've done this initial search, you can use filters to further refine your results. See below.

Filtering Results (Books, Book Chapters, and Ebooks)

After you search, you'll see filters on the left side of the results page. The filters shown will depend on what type of search you selected, but here are examples of what you'll commonly see.


Resource Type: To search only for monographs filter by:

  • Book Chapters

  • eBooks

  • Print Books










Subject: Use this to limit search to specific subject(s). 

  • Green check box includes that subject in the search.

  • Red check box excludes that subject from the search.








Date: Use this to search for a specific time period.


Applying Multiple Filters

You may apply more than one filter at a time by checking the ones you want, and then click the green 'Apply Filters' icon at the bottom of your screen.

Understanding Your Results

Your results provide brief information about the book.










Click on the title to see detailed information about the book and how to access it.

Accessing Print Books

Options for accessing library materials are listed under the "Sign in for more options" banner.

For print books at Hamersly, you have four options. See the image below.

Accessing Ebooks and Ebook Chapters

For online materials, you'll see Full text available at: followed by a link. Click on the link to access these online materials.


Some examples:


Reading Ebooks

Ebooks can be read directly on your computer. The library gets most of our ebooks from two vendors: EBSCO and ProQuest. The information and videos below show you how to use each of these services, and how to download them if you prefer to read them offline.

Downloading Ebooks

In order to download and virtually checkout an ebook (instead of reading from your browser) you'll need access to Adobe Digital Editions. For assistance installing it on your specific operating system, see these guides:

Additionally, you'll need to create a free Adobe ID (if you don't have one already). You do not need to use your WOU email when registering. 

If downloading a book from EBSCOhost, you will be prompted to sign into or create a free 'My EBSCOhost' account.


Using Ebooks: EBSCO

Using Ebooks: ProQuest Ebook Central

Ebook Central Details Page Overview (1:30 - 2:27)

Using the web-based Ebook Reader