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CJ 267C - Research & Writing on Social Justice Issues: Statistics


Statistics help you and your reader understand your issue better, by providing data related to the topic you are researching. The resources at the right are great starting points to locate statistics, but also remember that you can find statistics online from other sources as well.

STATISTICS: Social Issues & Public Opinion

STATISTICS: Criminal Justice

APA Citation Examples for Statistics

The presentation of statistics will vary widely, so choose the format that most closely matches the source you want to cite. Sometimes the most appropriate format is a simple webpage, but below are two of the most common citation formats used for statistics.

Raw data (used for tables, raw data from polls, etc.)

United States Census Bureau. (2015). 2011-2015 American community survey 5-Year estimates: Poverty status in the past 12 months. Retrieved from

Authored Report (used for summarized reports and interpretations of data)

Proctor, B. D., Semega, J. L., & Kollar, M. A. (2016, September 13). Income and poverty in the United States: 2015 (Rep. No. P60-256). Retrieved February 16, 2017, from U.S. Census Bureau website: