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Evaluating Special Education Research Guide: Finding Cited By and Related Articles

Finding Cited By Articles Using Google Scholar


While looking at a reference page is a great way to see what your sources used for research, you should also check who has used your sources in their own work as they likely will be looking at similar topics as yourself. 

For any article you find, it is worth checking to see if someone else as cited it. Google Scholar can also be used for this purpose. 


How to find articles that cite your source

Finding Cited by Articles Using Google Scholar - PDF 

Finding Cited By Articles Using Google Scholar

Once you have found a good article on your topic, you can use Google Scholar to check and see if other scholars have used that article in their own research.

For example, if you found the following article:

Llieberman, L. J., Haegele, J. A., Columna, L., & Conroy, P. (2014). How Students with Visual Impairments Can Learn Components of the Expanded Core Curriculum through Physical Education. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness108(3), 239-248.


Go to Google Scholar available from the WOU Library ( under databases. This will allow you to use the Find It@WOU feature. Type in the title of the article:

Google Scholar Search Box with article title typed in search box: How Students with Visual Impairments Can Learn Components of the Expanded Core Curriculum through Physical Education.

At the bottom of the entry, you can see this article has been Cited by 23 other articles. Clicking on Cited by will list those twenty three articles. If this was your topic, it is likely those articles could be useful for your own research.

Citation of article with arrow pointing to Cited By 23

If any of the articles aren't available for free as a PDF, select the Find it@WOU link to be directed to options for getting it from our library

A listing of the first six article from the twenty three cited by articles

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