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ED 492/692 ESOL Technology Project

Categories Align with TSPC technology standards for ESOL and InTASC standards

Create a page for each of the following categories. Add appropriate content for each category. 


Acquiring Knowledge: Uses information technology to enhance learning and to enhance personal and professional productivity.  (TSPC Standard: 6; InTASC Standards:5k, 5l, 6i, 8r, 8o)
Because you have learned about resources and strategies related to educational technology in your other ESOL and education courses, you have already begun the process of acquiring knowledge about technology use to enhance your own personal learning and your professional productivity. In this section of the website, you should include at least four resourcesthat you find useful for these purposes. For each resource, include a brief description, a visual, and any relevant links. (As an example, you might discuss the use of “Google Image” search to locate pictures for lessons, and “Google Drive” as a system for storing and sharing resources with colleagues).

Implementing Knowledge: Demonstrates knowledge of current technologies and their application in ESOL. Designs, develops, and implements student learning activities that integrate information technology. 
(TSPC Standards: 6a, 6b; InTASC Standards: 3g, 3h, 3m, 4g, 5l, 6i, 7k, 8g, 8n)

In this section, please discuss technological resources or strategies that you have incorporated in lesson plans or structured learning activities. If you have had the opportunity to teach with these resources, such as through the tutoring project/s for this class or for any other class, please reflect on your experience and any thoughts you have about its use in the future. If you have not had the opportunity to already use the resource, please provide a brief description of how you would like to implement it in your future classroom. Please include three resources. (As an example, you might describe the use of a Smart Board to increase interaction in the classroom).

Expanding Knowledge: Uses technologies to communicate, network, locate resources, and enhance continuing professional development. (TSPC Standard: 6c; InTASC Standard: 9d)

The students are asked to please consider websites and resources that will help them continue to develop their expertise regarding the use of technology to foster language acquisition and learning and support English Language Learners in content learning. For each resource, they are to include a brief description, brief explanation of their plans for personal professional development using this tool, as well as a link. Include three resources. (As an example, you might include a link to the website “Colorín Colorado,” which has rich resources such as videos, articles, and lesson ideas).