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ED 492/692 ESOL Technology Project

Creating Clean Websites

Creating Clean Websites 

Educational websites work best when they are simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate.  They should have visual appeal but content is more important than style.  Applying principles of Clean website design can help you create an effective site. 


Example of a clean website design 

 Use Negative Space / White Space 

"White space or negative space in websites serves the purpose of passage inside a room offering easier access to what the users need. Lots of white space is an elementary aspect of clean design. White space not just saves a website from having a cluttered look but it also offers a soothing effect on the eyes and lead vision to important contents and information. Obviously, white space need not be always literally white. Vacant area around the text can be given any soft hue. In case of using color in negative space mind the contrast and readability."

 Use a Precise and Simple Color Scheme 

"Color is the essential element to create right contrast and balance with the negative space. Using bold, solid colors that helps creating a distinction between different sections is a good way to achieve this but make sure that the colors are not overused creating a cluttered impression. Subtle change of hues and a bit of overplaying textures can help creating distinctions even with minimum use of colors. Besides using colors as active design elements, intuitive use of colors also can refer to the contents of separate section and useful aspects. When using color, always avoid any effect that can cause distraction."

From: 6 Amazing Ways to Create a Clean Website Design

 Focus on Your Content 

Education websites work best when they focus on making content easy to access and navigate. Present content in a clean format focusing on clear identification and essential elements. 

 Use a Blank Template Instead of a Themed Template 

Themed templates might seem appealing but they can be restrictive and have design elements that can take away from your content. If you start with a blank template you have control over how the entire site looks. 

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