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ED 492/692 ESOL Technology Project

Sign up for an account at:

Visit Weebly Help Center to get tips and advice on setting up your website: Using the editor, Adding Pages, Background, Text, Images, Video, Slideshows.... 

Getting Started in a Template--Setting Up Your Website 

After you set up an account, 

The Log In / Sign Up buttons are in the upper right-hand corners, click those to get started. 

You will click this "+" sign to add a new website to your account. You get prompted to start either a website that is an online store or not. Choose the "not now" option for this assignment. 


Next you will pick a theme, I picked a simple theme that is a template for watches. You will get a preview when you click on your selected template, then you can click "start editing" in the upper right-hand corner to begin your own website using that template.

You will get the option now to create your domain, the of your website. If you use the Subdomain option, where your domain is, then your website will be free. 

The Professional Domains are the one's you must pay for, the Subdomain option at the bottom on the screen is free.



Editing Your Weebly Website

On the left-hand side there are lots of options where you will be editing your page. Weebly is cool because it is all drag-and-drop style.

Hovering over already existing items will allow you to delete and edit them. 

The Arrow Button will allow you to move and copy the image to other pages. The Menu Button will open up the menu where you can Edit and Replace the image. The X Button deletes the image. 

I deleted a lot of the formatting for this page so that I could start with a nearly blank template. 

Once the page is nearly empty a "drag elements" box appears and we can start building our Home page. I will drag, from the left-hand menu: 

I dragged three Image elements so that they were side by side and three Text elements below each image. You can specify where you want the elements.


This is what my page content looks like so far:


Clicking on the Image element Menu Button you can Upload an Image from your Computer or Search for free or professional images easily. I searched the term "FLOWER" and found some great images for free.

You can hit Select and add the image to your page.

I then began editing the Text elements I added. I clicked on the element, began typing and then highlighted the text I needed to change the font color and size of. 

The "+" and "-" will allow you to increase and decrease font size. 

I put data into all of my elements, and so far my homepage looks like this:

By clicking on the left-most image, I was able to "Edit" and "Replace" it with something that I liked better. 

Along the top menu, you have the options "Build," "Pages," "Theme," "Store," "Apps," "Settings," and "Help." Clicking the "Pages" button allows you to re-title your pages. Initially, this template came with five pages, "Home," "Shop," "About," "Updates," and "Contact." 

By clicking on the "Shop" page button, a page about the "Shop" page opened I was able to re-name this page in the "Page Name" section.  


The Homepage button links for these pages changed too as seen below:

Our last big edit is changing the Title of the webpage at the top of the pages, at first it was "The Time Piece" but by clicking on it, that can be changed. This piece of the page can also be turned off or replaced with a Logo of your own. 

Everything looks great and from here you can edit other pages using these skills. 


You must always ALWAYS remember to Publish your Site though, your site will not be accessible if you do not publish it and you must publish it after every change. To do this:

Click the blue "Publish" button in the upper right-hand corner of the editing page. You will see a screen like this:

And be given the option to buy your domain, so that your web address is not

www.weebly.[your domain].com. Weebly also continuously saves your progress so no need to Publish every few minutes.