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FYS 107 - Play: It's Not Just For Kids

Hello, I am Robert Monge. I'm a librarian at WOU and I'm here to help you with your Video Letter to Self assignment. I've designed this guide to help you complete the 3-5 video. If you want to schedule a meeting to talk about your project or have an idea but don't know how to make it a video, please contact me.

Robert Monge via e-mail:


Make sure to check out ALL the assignment requirements, but let's look at the video portion:

Write a letter to your future self (must have a written script), then turn that script into a 3-5 minute video
letter from your current self to your future self. There is a LOT of latitude in this assignment for taking a
creative approach. We’ll be doing a lot of chatting and idea sharing about this in class.


Create any type of video 

There are many types of videos, but in order to make them they all follow a similar process. This breaks it down for you. 

Video Examples
These videos don't meet your assignment requirements but they are examples of the different types of videos you can make including: Live action, Screencast, White Board Video and Animated videos. However, these are not the only type of videos you can make. 

Equipment for checkout 
This includes equipment including cameras and tripods available at the WOU library to help you create your videos.

Free software for creating, editing, and producing your videos  
Need a video editor and other tools -- here a list of software with both PC and MAC you can download and use for free. 

Digital Media Center at the Library
We have a digital media center with a audio and video editing room with various software and tools (including a green screen) to help you with your projects.