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Resources and advice for students enrolled in Computer Science 340W, Ethics & Information Management.

Off-Campus Access

Access to some online resources is restricted to current WOU students, faculty and staff.

When you see this screen: 

Proxy Server Login Screen

Enter your Pawprint username and password

Don't know your Pawprint username or password? Use Account Lookup

To access your files stored on the campus network (My Documents, public_html) and applications such as Microsoft Office, SPSS, SAS, Adobe Creative Suite, or Dreamweaver, use Windows Remote Desktop to access the WOU terminal servers. Instructions (PDF)

Technical Recommendations and Requirements

To have full functionality when using library resources, we recommend:

  • A modern web browser (we recommend Chrome or Firefox). Mac users: Safari is also an option, but has been known to have issues with some of our services.
  • Cookies and JavaScript enabled in your browser
  • A PDF plugin such as Adobe Acrobat Reader 
  • Firewalls: Some school districts and workplaces have firewalls that interfere with our proxy server, the machine that identifies you as a WOU patron to our subscription databases. Contact your network administrator for assistance. Your network or ISP must allow access to ports 2048-2248 (except 2049).

If you need assistance or experience problems, please contact us at 503-838-8899 or email

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