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Faculty & Staff Publications

Recent articles and books by authors at WOU.

About Faculty Publications

The Western Oregon University faculty are dedicated to teaching, and are active members of the research community. The Hamersly Library is proud to display these recent academic contributions by staff in our main lobby, and virtually for ease of viewing by the greater WOU community.

Faculty publications are typically updated twice per year:

  • Fall features new publications between March - September
  • Spring features new publications between October - February

In an attempt to represent all disciplines, new citations are identified via searches within our EBSCOhost, GALE, ProQuest, JSTOR, SAGE and SpringerLink database packages. If you have published in an academic resource during this period and you are not listed, please contact the Exhibits Coordinator, Chris Mansayon (

Typical URL Rules

  • Articles which are accessible from our library catalog have their EZProxy URL or library catalog permalink provided at the end of the citation.
  • Articles which are provided for free (Open Access) by their hosting journal, or are not accessible from the library catalog have their original URL/DOI linked.
  • Articles which are not provided for free by their hosting journal, and were not accessible from the library catalog at time of compilation have no linked URL.

Spring 2021

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